Staffing with CRNA Locums Jobs

When it comes to facilities, we care about filling your OR and saving you money. With CRNA Locum Job, you can meet your staffing needs with safe CRNAs at a lower rate.


lower margins than larger agencies


of CRNAs have gone locum tenens before

Why CRNA Locum Jobs?

Our job fill rate is double the fill rate of other large staffing agencies. We manage only CRNA jobs at reduced margins, and because we’re a lean company, we offer a personal level of service. We’re easy to reach and easy to do business with. 


“CRNA Locum Jobs has been so great to work with and has exceeded the others. They are easy and quick to communicate with and the CRNAs they have sent have been wonderful.”

– Kelsi, Director of Anesthesia Department at large hospital

Looking for lower margins?

With lower margins, we can connect facilities with the best OR coverage in the most efficient way.

We’re the largest CRNA-owned locums agency.

Our company is owned and managed only by CRNAs, so we know how to help facilities take full advantage of locum CRNAs for coverage.

“We are the best choice because we are CRNAs who practice ourselves. This puts us in the position to better explain job listings and get better rates for our colleagues. As a small company, we have lower overhead and are a fraction of the cost of large agencies, which saves facilities’ money.” – Michael Marsh, CRNA Locum Jobs founder

As a facility, why should I choose CRNA Locum Jobs?

CRNA Locum specifically recruits and focuses on CRNAs. As well as offering lower margins than our competitors, we value and trust each CRNA that will be presented to you. This ensures you are going to receive excellent care for your facility. Locum agencies charge on average 15-40% above what they pay their contractor, which is very costly to facilities. CRNA Locum allows facilities to fill their needs for less than half the cost of a locum agency.

Will I have an account manager assigned to my facility?

You will work with the CRNA recruiter for your territory or region who will take care of finding candidates for you. This will give you peace of mind assuring you won’t have to worry about vacancies, saving money on hiring, and having access to quality clinicians.

How quickly can we get CRNA coverage?

Fill out this form and a CRNA member of our team will respond to your request within 24 hours to get more information about the open position. As soon we receive details, we will advertise the position. We can usually get someone in your facility as soon as credentialing is complete.

From a dream to reality

In 2019, Michael Marsh saw a need for a small agency in which CRNAs and facilities could connect for better rates and lower margins. Today, Marsh and his CRNA-only team meet that niche need by helping facilities staff their ORs with CRNA locums. For the CRNAs, this means tax advantages, the opportunity to learn from different facilities, more control over their schedules, and freedom from hospital contracts. For facilities, this means having the ability to keep ORs safely staffed regardless of shortages, FMLA leave, and vacations.

Need CRNA Coverage?

We network with CRNAs across the country to keep your ORs staffed safely.

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