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Dayton, Ohio

  • $225/hr
  • Cases: General case mix, ortho, uro, GYN, vascular, trauma
  • Shifts: 8’s, 10’s, and 12’s
  • ACT model
  • Full time and PRN available


1 hour SE of Pittsburgh, PA

  • $225/hr
  • Cases: B&B, Healthy Peds
  • Shifts: 8’s and 10’s mixture
  • No call
  • ACT model
  • 30-45 day credentialing
  • Mileage reimbursed


South Central New Mexico

  • $240/hr
  • Cases: General, Endo, OB, Peds, Uro, ENT, GYN, Vascular, Trauma
  • Regional required
  • Call preferred
  • CRNA-only practice
  • 45 days to credential (if currently licensed)
  • DEA/CSR license required
  • Travel and Lodging covered


Near Myrtle Beach, SC

  • $210/hr
  • Cases: Bread & Butter, Gen, Uro, Endo, OB (No peds)
  • Shifts: 4-10’s
  • Call not required
  • New Grads accepted!


Eastern North Carolina

  • $240/hr
  • Cases: General, Ortho, GYN, Uro, Endo, Vascular, EP lab (occasional peds at the ASC)
  • Shifts: 5-8’s, no call
  • ACT Model
  • 45-60 day credentialing


Northwest Arkansas

  • $230/hr
  • Cases: General mix, Ortho, GYN, Uro, ENT, Neuro
    (Occasional healthy peds and trauma)
  • Shifts: 10’s & 12’s, M-F
  • Call preferred
  • No weekends
  • Supervision model
  • 60 day credentialing
  • Travel and lodging reimbursed


Why I love CRNA Locum Jobs.

When I first tried locum work, I had the opportunity to work for a large agency. The experience was poor at best; I knew there had to be a better way. The communication and compensation were lacking, as was the support for our training, skillset, and profession.

As the Chief Recruitment Officer at CRNA Locum Jobs, I have the pleasure of helping colleagues across the nation find rewarding, well-compensated positions, while still having a FT practice of my own.

My family is my why. I love spending time with my wife and three boys (9, 5, & 2). We love being outside, watching movies, and traveling to new places throughout the year. We also added two puppies this year, which makes for a lively bunch.

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